Synopsis: Alien TV follows the slapstick misadventures of an alien television news crew as they try to understand the wild, baffling, and sometimes ‘ just plain weird’ life on a planet called Earth.


On the verge of her thirteenth birthday, Betty Flood has a choice - to be human and normal, as her mother Verushka desperately wants, or fabulously freakish like the rest of her family - refugees from the magical Kingdom of Nowhere..


Synopsis: Backpack Pals are tiny toys that live in a child’s backpack and come to life (when no one’s looking) to help their owners with the daily challenges that come with transitioning into elementary school.

When the Do Family move to a new house in a new suburb, 11-year-old Weir should have been excited: new suburb, new school – a new start! But, let’s face it when your family’s just a bit ‘weird’ and your ACTUAL name is WEIR DO – you’re gonna need some superpowers to survive.

One boy. One Orangutan. No way out!

Sydney and Zip have just received their Sea Licences, allowing them to venture out of Bubble Bath Bay to explore new worlds and make new friends!

New best friends Yuki, Saskia and Bo, have recently enrolled in a famous dojo to become masters of the ancient emotion-based martial art of Cojuku - but if they’re ever to fulfill their dream they’re going to need to attract, train and nurture a stable of Eidolons, the most elusive and powerful creatures in their world.


When an anxious kid returns to school, he confronts his anxieties for the first time… which just so happen to be living, breathing Worry Warts!