The drama follows our relentless protagonist, Madison Knight, an NSW police detective, and her small team of trusted officers, forensic technicians, and SWAT members, as they investigate the
nefarious underbelly and keep vigil on the crime, slime, and corruption that constantly hovers over this otherwise tranquil world of suburbia.


Based on the Detective Madison Knight books by international best-
selling and award-winning author Carolyn Arnold.

A theatrical adaptation of Australian Journalist Peter Greste’s memoirs, which covers his time in prison in Cairo on terrorism charges.

SuperMassive are the ‘Most Wanted’ Mega Musos in a vast and dangerous universe.


Can Lucy help them stay alive so they can take her home?


Six ordinary teenagers are brought together for the adventure of a lifetime. For the next 3 months, they will live and study together in a science camp at a remote research facility on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest, one of the most spectacular places on Earth.