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Series Adaptation of ‘Madison Knight’ Novels in Development by Muse and Pop Fiction

An eight-hour drama inspired by Carolyn Arnold’s “Madison Knight” detective novels is being developed by Muse Entertainment and Pop Fiction Entertainment.

Hélène Joy (“Durham County,” “Murdoch Mysteries”) will star as Madison Knight, a daring detective who works to investigate criminals throughout the series. Orion Lee (“First Cow”) will portray Knight’s work partner, Detective Steven Hung. The action-packed crime drama is set on both the Pacific coastline of Sydney, Australia and the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.

“As I read the books, I was immediately taken with Madison as a leading female character. She is unapologetic, unpredictable and deeply flawed. An extremely reluctant heroine if you will. What I love most is her sardonic nature and deeply sarcastic sense of humor. She doesn’t suffer fools and has little time for small talk,” said Joy, on her new role of Knight, in a statement.

Australian writer Justin Monjo (“Storm Boy,” “Jungle”) and Canadian writer Lynn Coady (“Orphan Black,” “Diggstown”) are developing the series. Daniel Nettheim (“Line of Duty,” “Broadchurch”) directs. Lynn Coady, Helene Joy, Matthew Lesher, Justin Monjo, Jesse Prupas and Carmel Travers will serve as executive producers.

Jesse Prupas, senior vice president for Muse Entertainment, noted that Muse has produced several female-led detective series in the past — including such as “Bellevue” “Coroner” and “The Murders.”

“Madison Knight is a continuation of this conscious decision to depict rich and complex leading female characters,” stated Prupas.

POP Fiction Entertainment’s Carmel Travers shared excitement about the collaboration between Muse and Pop for “Madison Knight.”

“The intriguing Madison Knight stories, combined with fabulous talent like Helene Joy, Orion Lee, Justin Monjo, Lynn Coady and Daniel Nettheim has finally brought Muse and Pop together. Being able to develop storylines that seamlessly work across the two continents is a hugely satisfying experience. We’re looking forward to bringing the series to the screen,” said Travers.

Read the full article written by Shaun Benson on Variety

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