The Fantastic Farmers

Preschool animated series

Twins Jack and Lucy are lucky enough to grow up on Mulberry Farm, a giant playground where a child’s imagination can roam free. Whether it’s shearing the sheep, riding in the tractor or harvesting rows of wheat, every day brings a new and exciting challenge. Through their own adventures, and the guidance of their parents and friends, the twins have the opportunity to learn important and interesting lessons in food production, animal husbandry and sustainability.

Australian creators, Ben Hood and Simone Kain grew up in farming families in the south east of Australia. They created George The Farmer, the character and successful series of books which has now become one of the most popular live performance acts across Australia - teaching city kids about where food comes from and how it gets from the farm to the plate. As farmers they were alarmed to learn the high level of disconnect between children and food. “If kids don't have an understanding of where food comes from and what they're putting in their bodies, how can they hope to live a healthy and nutritious life. The Fantastic Farmers will play a role in rebuilding the relationship that we need to have with food and fibre production.'' Ben and Simone


Pop Family Entertainment / Hello Friday / South Australian Film Corporation / Toonz Media Group

Distributed by Imira Entertainment