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8 x 60’ episodes

Live-Action police drama series


Madison was enjoying her 16th birthday celebrations when a young man wielding a gun bigger than himself arrived and shot her father and his father, both cops Two decades later the mercurial Detective Madison Knight has finally managed to crawl back from years of self-destruction as she works the local precinct.

It’s been quite a journey - but at last, Madison is finally feeling good about herself. She knows how to handle the area’s run-of-the-mill crimes, and no one challenges the way she goes about the job. The results speak for themselves.

And no one brings up the past, least of all Madison, with its litany of unsolved murders, family breakdowns, and self-destruction. Until one day a chance for justice comes knocking at her door. It’s time for DC Madison Knight to finally solve the cold case killing of her father and grandfather. This time it’s she who’s armed and dangerous.

Produced By: 

Pop Family Entertainment / Muse Entertainment

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