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52 X 11’ episodes

Hybrid (3D rendered stop-motion over 2D animation) Series

Aimed at first-time fretters aged 7-11


Have you ever mistakenly sat in the wrong classroom? Or been nervous you’ll be dacked in front of your crush? Scared the teacher will call on you when you haven’t been paying attention? Or concerned your school project wasn’t good enough. Has your mind ever been flooded with anxious thoughts like these? Well, what if these anxieties were actual worrywarts?


What if, whenever you felt worried, a professional pod of anthropomorphic protuberant pals appeared to help you in your time of need; shapeshifting into any profession (they think) will get the job done.

These little worrywarts will prep you with the physical symptoms you need to give you your best chance at success: feeling hot and flushed from embarrassment? They’ll cool you down by kicking your sweat glands into overdrive! Problem solved. Worried you’ll say the wrong thing in front of your crush? They’ll tie your tongue up so you can’t say anything at all! Much better.

Created By: 

Bradley Slabe - Annie Award-nominated and Oscar shortlisted writer and director.

Produced By: 

Pop Family Entertainment / Easy Tiger

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